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But Why? (About Us)

The Geekly Grind is the creation of Mithical Entertainment contributors Patrick Romani (Archmage) and Sean Sarff (ThunderHeavyArm). After a couple years of writing and general conversations surrounding video games, anime, and geek culture in general, we decided to structure our commentary into a weekly podcast.

Our goal is to reflect on geekdom from a Millennial perspective. As we’ve gotten older, how do we analyze the decisions that AAA developers make when it comes to marketing and selling their products? How has the way that we take in popular culture evolved? What’s the deal with anime, and where does it fit in our geeky lives?

We hope that by discussing the week’s news with this in mind, we can create engaging and unique discourse that resonates with geeks of all ages.

We’ll be alternating participants from Mithical’s contributor lineup, as well as bringing Owner and Editor in Chief Jeremy Snow (Mithrandiel) in on a bi-weekly basis whenever possible.

If you’re interested in submitting a topic or article for discussion, feel free to email

We hope you enjoy our podcast!