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“Get in the Delorean – we’re buying Bitcoin!” – The Geekly Grind Episode 2

By: Archmage

The Geekly Grind returns this week with a handful of topics including Capcom’s recent Mega Man 11 announcement, Destiny 2 drama, the Battle Angel Alita trailer, Cryptocurrency-craziness and more! Listen in as Archmage, Thunderheavyarm, TheJewphin, Zelyhon and Mithrandiel share their thoughts on the week’s Geekly news!


Mega Man 11 Announcement Trailer

Battle Angel Alita trailer:

Cryptocurrency madness:

Nicehash robbed of ~$70 million in digital coin

Bitcoin value spike –

Destiny 2 Drama

Bungie says it “Betrayed” players with Secret XP System

IGN Review in Progress of Curse of Osiris

Playstation Experience

Interview with Kevin Sirlin regarding Fantasy Strike – a unique fighter showcased at PSX:


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