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New Banner and Podcast update!

By: Mithrandiel

Hello everyone! We hope your 2018 is off to a great start, and that your resolutions are still largely intact!

First things first – our apologies for the podcast gap last week. With CES, PAX South and Arisia all in one weekend, we all got swept up in our respective work and it was hard to nail down the podcast for the week. Look forward to a new podcast this week though!

Speaking of new things, you may have noticed a brand new banner for our site! Our thanks to Chris Daily (you can find him on instagram under @Scribblemonkey) for putting together the awesome new centerpiece, and you can look forward to more original art from him as we continue expanding The Geekly Grind in the months to come.

Thanks for checking in and if you have the day off – enjoy it! If you don’t, we’re sorry…but enjoy it anyways!

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